the recipe for raging the right way

Some photos are from: Webster Hall NYC and Lost in Sound

News (updated 11/29/17)

Photo by: Aviran Levy

Know the facts

Do you use or are considering using substances? Make sure you know how it effects you and your body. Discover the best ways to ensure enjoyment of the experience without the potential side-effects or subsequent negative consequences.

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Maintain health

Many people know by now that substances can do harm to the body; what many may not know is that there are simple methods and obtainable over-the-counter items to help curb or prevent the side-effects and damages! Rage smarter, not harder, and your body will thank you for it later.

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what's in your drugs

An alarmingly high number of substances in circulation are bunk. They can be cut with adulterants, both active and inactive, or a completely different chemical altogether. This can give undesirable results or increase your risk of overdosing. Learn how to pick out the good product from the bad and stay safe.

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where I'm Going

I'm making rounds at various local, regional, and international events. I love the EDM community and I only want to see it thrive, so I will be popping up to help spread awareness and put the 2nd "r" back into plurr first-hand.

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